Feel Better. Live Better.


I HELP inspired women by showing them how to feel better about themselves, build a successful business from home, travel more often, and enjoy life to the fullest! Let my proven HELPability® Factor help you achieve your goals and dreams FASTER!


Trainer. Speaker. Coach. Motivator.


Belief in a good outcome…even if you can’t yet see it!


Support those around you…even if they haven’t asked!


Love yourself first, then give it…even if you aren’t feeling great!


Be the BEST you possible…looking great = feeling great!

“I LOVE your story!”

Jack Canfield, New York Times Best Selling Author Chicken Soup For The Soul and The Success Principles

“She will inspire many to live their dreams!”

Les Brown, Motivational Speaker

“Heather is an amazing story of courage!”

Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx, and the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire

“Your message is a powerful blessing to so many!”

Joel Osteen, Televangelist and New York Times Best Selling Author

HELPability® Coaching

After my story was featured in Jack Canfield’s New York Times Best Seller “The Success Principles – 10th Anniversary Edition” people started contacting me from all over the world asking if I provided coaching services, and it still continues today.  This is why I wrote my book “HELPability Factor”…to take my HELP Philosophy® that I created after I decided to flip adversity on its head, and help YOU put it to work in YOUR life!

Put the HELP Philosophy® To Work For YOU!

It’s time you stop letting obstacles stand in the way of your dreams becoming your reality!  It’s time to stop waking up and not looking and feeling your VERY BEST!  Don’t give up, GET UP, be the best YOU possible, and let the passion for what you TRULY want run your life!

NOTHING is unattainable if you help enough people get what they want!